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Technology: Mobile

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Denise Alicea

This blog was created by Denise in September 2008 to blog about writing, book reviews, and technology. Slowly, but surely this blog expanded to what it has become now, a central for book reviews of all kinds interviews, contests, and of course promotional venue for authors, etc

Technology: Mobile

Mobile devices by their very nature ushered humanity into a new era. Their invention maybe as notable on the human timeline as the invention of the wheel. Just like the wheel the exact date of this invention will never be known. Acceptably so, the ability to communicate from remote locations cannot be attributed to one culture. Along the birth of smart phones came an evolution into the mobile casino. The leading casino software platforms have developed to make sure online casino- top australian online casinos 2017 are on the move, providing range selection of games and top security.


The evolution of communication methods had been slow until the last two centuries. Progressing from smoke signals to pigeon ferried messages took a formidably long time. Especially when compared with the time it took to move from the telegram to mobile phones.

Just as in their early times, communication devices are still revolutionizing human lifestyle.

Mobile devices, we cannot really call them phones can we, are now a culture on their own. There is now a mobile device etiquette which varies from one area to another.

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Users can read or even watch the news on their mobile devices. You can help your girlfriend change her tyre without leaving your house and even get to see the process live. We now live in a world where it is normal for an individual to place a real money wager, play a casino game online and win real money from their bathroom. As live video streaming on mobile devices continues to improve, limits of what can be done online will continue to be pushed.

Soon, maybe not so soon but soon, humanity may end up completely lost in the online world. The lines that separate reality and cyber reality are continuing to get blurred as virtual reality is now a possibility. Inevitably the VR technology will get better and soon it will no longer be just online casino games that you will be able to play live on VR.

When Virtual Reality and mobile “telephony” successfully integrate to form one device they will create something straight out of one of those futuristic movies.

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