The Benefits of Handwritten Cards

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The Benefits of Handwritten Cards


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When was the last time you received a handwritten card in the mail? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. Handwritten cards have become a rarity in our digital age, but there are plenty of reasons why you should bring them back.


There’s just something about a handwritten card that feels special. Maybe it’s the time and effort that goes into writing each one, or the unique touch that a personal note provides. Whatever the reason, handwritten cards are a gesture that is appreciated by almost everyone. Here are five reasons why you should send more handwritten cards:


  1. It’s rare and unique.
  2. It shows you care.
  3. It’s memorable.
  4. It’s personal.
  5. Receiving a handwritten card is like getting a hug from the mail carrier.


In today’s digital age, the personal touch has been lost with all the technology. The days of handwritten letter or cards has been nearly lost to its time. I find that getting a handwritten card is such a personal and sweet gesture. It’s really does make you feel like the other person giving you the card really does care about you. I think that’s what missing from today’s technology. It’s the willing to do something that I consider normal. A handwritten card only takes a moment, but still people prefer to send an ecard which to me isn’t the same.


Handwritten cards are also very memorable. I don’t find that e-cards are memorable at all, but an easy shortcut to getting something quicker. A handwritten card is a very personal gift. It is something that the recipient can keep and cherish forever. A handwritten card is also very memorable because it is unique. Every card is different, and no two are ever alike. This makes it a special and unique gift that the recipient will always remember.


There’s just something about handwritten cards that makes them so special. Maybe it’s the time and effort that goes into writing each one, or the unique way each card expresses its sender’s personality. No matter the reason, receiving a handwritten card is like getting a hug from the mail carrier. You can’t hug an ecard and it doesn’t have the same feeling as holding something in your hands.


It’s a personal touch that shows that someone took the time to think of you and send you a message. Handwritten cards are becoming a rarity, but they are worth finding and keeping. Looking back at our history we can see how handwritten letters started great love stories, recorded history, and more. Handwritten cards are also proper etiquette.  Just imagine what wouldn’t be told if we didn’t have handwritten letters. What will our society be like in the future without handwritten items? Will we continue to let go of something so important? My hope is that handwritten notes continue to be done for people. We can’t lose touch with the past.  To those who continue sending handwritten cards, thank you for the positive impact.

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