The Importance of Libraries

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The Importance of Libraries

If you haven’t been to your local library for a while, you might be missing out. Libraries are much more than collections of books. They represent a valuable community entity, which can benefit all ages. The infographic below highlights the incredible advantages of having access to a public library. 


One of the most popular reasons to visit a library is to meet with others. This might mean catching up with neighbors or friends or making new friends if you’ve recently moved to a neighborhood. More than 60% of people think their library is important to their family, and a staggering 93% believe that a local library strengthens community spirit. A library offers a safe and welcoming place for people to gather to read, discuss books, research, work on group projects or build relationships with fellow residents. People who go to the library often feel more engaged within the community, and they can also pursue interests and hobbies. More than 15% of people learn about political issues at the library, and 14% have participated in events, such as author readings.


For many, the library is a useful resource for accessing information about healthcare and employment and for taking advantage of assistance and programs that are designed to support and help those looking for work or trustworthy advice about housing or healthcare. More than 80% of people have used resources at a community library they would have otherwise been unable to find.


Libraries also play a critical role in encouraging people to better themselves and continue learning. Half of people visit a library with a specific aim to find information for work, creative or business projects. Libraries are also hugely beneficial for facilitating literacy and building confidence in children. Over 80% of library users would like libraries to run events and programs to prepare children for school.


As technology has evolved, libraries also have a part to play in providing access to the Internet for those who work remotely and those who don’t have a computer at home. 

Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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