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The Pen Review: Blueprint for Love


Welcome to the Friday edition of The Pen Review!
If you are looking to wind down for the weekend. Get ready to cuddle up with a good romantic read. Then Blueprint for Love by Monya Clayton is the ticket for you!

Blueprint for Love
by Monya Clayton
Author’s Website: http://MonyaMaryClayton.blogspot.com/
Pages: 220
Genre: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Price: $6.00
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
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Blueprint for Love follows the tale of stubborn, property developer Paul McIvor and environmental committee president, Cathy Brown. Meeting becomes reality when Paul decides to uproot the Palm Garden to put a classy hotel in its place. Cathy Brown wants nothing of it. She wants the garden to remain as it is. She won’t settle for less as Paul will not either. Personalities, tempers, and physical attraction rises between these two, but is that just all? Paul does not want to get involved as he suffered a divorce. As the fight for the Palm garden intensifies and Cathy’s place of residence is trashed, both Paul and Cathy will come together. Who trashed her place of residence and why are the framing Paul? Will Paul let his past get in the way of a possible future or will he let his pride get in the way? Or will all the plans towards the hotel serve both of them as a blueprint to their own love?

I enjoyed reading this work by Monya. Cathy and Paul’s characters are exciting. The tension between them was like fire. It was just a matter of time before each of the characters acted upon it. Cathy’s character is feisty, free spirited, and is the kind of woman who knows what she wants even when things do not appear to be going her way, but she was also fragile and gentle. A wonderful tale that kept me reading from start to finish. Check out the excerpt below!


“Paul, look at me.” The rich voice carried to his
ears, was not lost in the sound of the surf.

He shouldn’t. But his entire spine burned with
hot pins and needles. He turned, face set. “What?”

The word, meant to be curt, died in his throat.

She hadn’t moved, was in the same place, three
steps away. The moon and the security lights of the
shops and the old hotel were sufficient to make her
figure easy to see, though shadowed. She stood tall
and erect, looked straight at him.

And she’d undone the first two buttons of the
dress bodice, was starting on the third. To his
shocked eyes the white cotton and lace triangle of
her revealed bra was as plain to see as the sail of a
boat. “You don’t leave me any choice, Paul, except to
force your hand. I’m going skinny-dipping. Care to
join me?”

“You’re outrageous!” His voice dried in his
throat as he watched her, but there was no way he’d
allow himself to be manipulated by such tricks.
The third fastening popped open. The buttons
were coloured orange, and in Paul’s sight each one
glared in the moonlight like a hot coal. And above
them, in direct contrast, the first luscious swell of
her breasts gleamed like ivory.

“No good, Paul.” She smiled. “You don’t have it
in you, to let a woman swim alone, naked. And I will,
you know.”


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