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Better Off Alone by Yolanda Sfetsos

Genre: horror zombie short story

Price and info: $2.50 34 pages ISBN: 978-1-61572-051-4



What I liked: Yolanda never disappoints! The story starts off with Nell leaving the safety of her basement to find the one person who has helped her. Finding some people to help her, she tries to get them to help her find, Todd, the person who keeps her sanity going, until she figures out how these survivors maintain they’re safety and survival! Spine chilling! A must read for zombie lovers out there!

Book Blurb

Nell has been forced to leave the safety of her basement. As the dead chase her along the familiar streets of her suburb, she stumbles on a group of survivors who offer her shelter. But all she’s concerned about is finding her way to Todd, the only person who’s helped keep her sanity.

She intends to ask this group of survivors to help her save Todd from his predicament but changes her mind when she spies the sick and twisted way they ensure their safe existence.


The Crimson Tower by Alex Marshall

Genre:-dark fantasy short story

Price and info: $2.50 33 pages ISBN: 978-1-61572-050-7



What I liked: I really enjoyed this book. It’s a book that all fantasy lovers will enjoy. Lord Limbold is such an honorable character, he sacrificed a lot for his people in order to correct what had gone wrong. A wish that I think anyone would do in order to have peace. A wonderful story to read, a must read for those who love fantasy and science fiction.

Book Blurb

On the shattered, war-torn Earth of the far future, an aged scientist wearied by grief tries to break the vicious cycle of bloodshed and revenge which has consumed the planet. At the brink of despair he must strike a blow for humanity and right the wrongs he and his kind have visited upon each other throughout an ages-long slide into darkness.


Demon Legacy by Kelly Brigham

Genre: paranormal horror novel

Price and Info: $5,95 337 pages ISBN: 978-1-61572-046-0



What I liked: A strong book about finding out secrets and dealing with them. Although it is hard to deal with, he tries, but feels he’s not strong enough. Feeling like he can’t deal he starts to drink himself, but still reaches out for help. But can he face the demon that he is trying to defeat? Find out! You gotta read this book!

Book Blurb

Jared is called home, his adoptive mother is dying. She’s a white witch who has kept a dark secret for a long time. At her death, Jared is left with this dark secret and haunted by a rapacious demon so powerful that he can’t be destroyed, only contained. And that isn’t working so well since his mother’s death.

Unable to cope, Jared drinks himself into oblivion while his nightmares become reality. As he reaches out for help, he wonders if it will be enough and if it will be in time to stop a horrific evil from coming into this world.

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