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Denise Alicea

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I am pleased and proud to announce Damnation Books. A big thank you to Kim Richards Gilchrist for allowing me to review for her new book company. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Prepared to be thrilled and scared!

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Welcome Damnation Books to The Pen & Muse Blog! Hears to your success!


By Yolanda Sfetsos


Publisher: Damnation Books


Alyce Kerr is a celebrity Faith Healer. Her power comes from a binding with a demonic entity. Every time he gives her the power to heal, he sucks a little more of her soul into him. But now her ex, Ross, is in town. He’s been watching from the shadows and Alyce is finding it harder to ignore him… even if he did try to kill her three years earlier. Could Ross be the answer to ending her connection to the demon killing her inside?


What I liked: I really enjoyed reading about Alyce and her problem with the demon and her past. You can really feel the emotion and you can tell that Yolanda has a story telling gift. A definite thriller from start to finish. This is a book not to miss!


By Geoff Chaucer


Publisher: Damnation Books



The Emperor finds a certain concubine very pleasing. She studies with an old hetaera to make herself yet more pleasing but soon discovers that the old woman is actually in the employ of the Empress and has something other that the sexual pleasure of the Emperor in mind.


What I liked: A very intricate and interesting tale about a time long ago. Chaucer definitely did his homework and it shows. The characters and the emotions just like they would have felt them in that era. It’s like getting into the Forbidden City with a dark twist!

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