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Welcome to The Pen Review!
Today we have some great books to review from Eternal Press!
Eternal Press is one of my favorite electronic publisher to review works for.So when I get the chance to review titles from a variety of authors and genres, I jump on it. So enjoy the treats and be sure to add these to your to be read lists! So we start off with a spine chilling tale called Lizzie’s Listening.

Lizzie’s Listening by MacKenzie Drew
Authors Website:http://www.mackenziedrewnovels.com
Pages: 27
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 2.50 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

From the beginning to the end, you will have chills up and down your spine. It reminded me of The Omen and how unpredictable the child was in that where you would never know what would happen next. A great read from start to finish.


Eleven year old, Lizzie Harper is a family’s worst nightmare. She is a compulsive killer and nothing short of a demon child. When Rachael Barter applies for a housekeeping job and is hired, little does she realize she will eventually assume the role of surrogate mother to an evil child that has the same traits as Satan, himself…


“Lizzie…you come out here this instant or I’ll go get your mother,” she yelled as she approached the white gate enclosing the cemetery. A distant noise startled her. She gripped the fence and stood wide-eyed. “This isn’t funny, young lady. You don’t scare me in the slightest.”

Of course, Lizzie did scare the hell out of her. Lizzie was a warped young soul, but none of it had to do with Rachael’s care. She taught her right, with morals and values; to respect others. Well…at least she thought she did.

“Misssssss Barter.” Lizzie poked Rachael on the back, causing her to leap forward. She jerked around, her hand across her chest. “Where have you been? And where’s Piper?”

Kidnapped by Rita Karnopp
Authors Website: http://www.ritaritr.com/
Pages: 183
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 5.95 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

A beautiful yet suspenseful tale about a family who may loose it all if they do not rely on each other. Things are rough between a married couple, but they have a newly adopted child. What are they to do? When things get complicated both Laura and Aaron must rely on each other to survive and to keep their adopted daughter, Annie safe. I enjoyed Rita’s work and must say it kept me wanting to keep reading without stopping. Even in the end, I wanted to know that everything was going to be okay.


Laura and Aaron Palmer’s marriage is over, but they’ve got newly adopted daughter Amie to consider. If they split up now, young Amie could be taken away from them both forever. Life is complicated, but it takes a turn for the worse when Laura finds Amie’s picture listed in an ad for missing and abducted children. But are the people who claim to be Amie’s biological parents really what they seem, or is something more sinister at play? Alienated emotionally from each other, and paralyzed with fear, can Laura and Aaron find a way to save their marriage and protect their adopted daughter?


“She looks close to frozen already. Damn it, Black Angel, this isn’t right,” the man with a deep voice said. “I went along with some of your ideas, I admit that, but this is going too far.”

“Man, you ain’t got any idea what too far is. Try spending a few years with some good old boys in the slammer, then ya know what’s too far. ‘Sides, these folks know too much. Either they or you go down. What do ya prefer?”

Laura slowly opened her eyes to a narrow slit. She studied the rugged, thin, almost wolfish face of the man called Black Angel. She was surprised that he had pale skin and white hair. He was of brute stature and if she had to guess, at least six feet six inches tall. His black leather jacket and boots encrusted with silver studs made her think of a biker. She quickly figured it out: he was black-hearted and white like an angel. He was the kind of man who made his own rules and went his own way, the hell with everyone else.

“By the time they’re found, they won’t be tellin’ nothin’ to nobody.” Black Angel kicked the ground with his boot tip.

Museums Are Murder by Carol Shenold
Authors Website:http://www.freewebs.com/carolshenold/
Pages: 43
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 2.95 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Museums Are Murder by Carol Shenold is a tale of a heroine with spunk. Check out the excerpt below to see what I mean. I really enjoyed reading this tale. There were twists and turns everywhere and I mean literally. A great read from start to finish, Museums Are Murder does not disappoint!


When Tali agrees to help her friends with the Love County Museum opening, she is expecting a pleasant time with familiar faces—just maybe not as familiar as her former lover, Aiden Courtland. To add to her worries, there has also been a murder. Things start to really heat up when Aiden reveals that a demon wants to cart Tali away to another world—permanently. Now she must face her own powers as well as a were wolf and a demon in order to keep her family safe.


“The Dark Lord knows. He wants to use you for his own gain.”

“Who the hell is this Dark Lord you keep prattling on about?” Even in the dark I knew his expression was pure impatience.

“He’s one of the lords of the underworld, the dimension humans always refer to as hell. He’s a minor demon without much power of his own, compared to some of the others.” He raised an eyebrow. “If he could control access to the ley lines, he could rule an area and charge a toll for use of the power.”

“Like Texas Power and Light?”

“Simplistic, but yes.”

“Even if I believe this demon from hell needs me to control the magic power, what am I supposed to do now? And what is he going to do with me?”

“There are rumors that someone is acting as a conduit for him. The Dark Lord can’t come on his own, but if someone with power calls him by name, Azogareptzen, he can come to this dimension and potentially carry you off to his world, where he would have power over you and could make you do his bidding. He would come at you through those you love.”

“This…this Azo can simply show up from some other dimension and haul me off to hell to be his slave forever and there’s nothing I can do?”

Okay, that came out more high pitched and panicky than I’d planned.

“It’s why I’m here, Tali. To protect you, show you how to find and tap into power you can use to protect yourself.”

“Well, shit. It was bad enough when I realized everything from vampires to werewolves were real. And now you’re telling me I have to learn to use the essence of magic power to protect myself from the unseen things I thought were superstition? That’s got to be the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever heard.”


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