The Pen Review: Ghosts: Author’s Revised Edition


Ghosts: Author’s Revised Edition by Noel Hynd

Genre: Paranormal

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What I liked: Spine chilling and bone chilling, this book is one to read! Hynd truly knows how to scare a reader and thrill them at the same time. I found myself reading this with the lights on!You cannot miss this read if you need a good scare!


Nantucket Island is a peaceful place to vacation in the summer…for those who are unaware of its tragic past. Each June, parishioners gather in the comfort of Reverend Osaro’s church to listen as locals relate their first-hand experiences with spirits in town.

Detective Tim Brooks, forced to question his belief in the supernatural, takes on the most vile of ghosts imaginable to save the entire island from its wrath. Bodies pile up as he races to figure out who this spirit is and why it is so malevolent. Who will fall victim next? An innocent vacationer? The starlet, Annette? The unorthodox minister? Or perhaps Tim himself?

An elderly woman’s turning table holds the key to discovering Nantucket’s bloody past, and perhaps putting an end to the senseless murders on the island. Tim finds help in some unlikely places, but will it be enough?

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