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The Pen Review: The Duchess


Welcome to the next edition of The Pen Review!
First, I want to send a thank you to Kim Richards from Eternal Press for allowing me to review some of their clients works. Thanks for having faith in me. Now on to the review..

The Duchess by Rhonda Lee follows the story of a Duchess who seems tired with her life and the husband who is constantly away on “business”. So what’s a Duchess to do when her husband ignores her and leaves on business? Redesign their home? No! Play of course! Play indeed the Duchess does with the peasants that come with complaints for her husband to hear. Unfortunately, her husband is not around and she must deal with it herself. Not even her staff is safe from her new games. The Duchess has plans of her own. Not even her husband is safe when he returns. For those who read the romance genre of erotica will enjoy this read. Each page is hot and sizzling following the Duchess’ naughty endeavors. Rhonda does an excellent job with her enticing work, The Duchess. Take a tantalizing look at the excerpt below into the world of The Duchess.

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“Don’t you want to touch me, Ferrin?” she purred, extending one curved fingernail and letting it trail across his shoulder. It caught upon the rough homespun fabric of his shirt and stuttered its way across his back. Each tiny jolt resonated throughout his entire being.


The duchess paused, stopping directly in front of him and looking at him with that now familiar quirked eyebrow,”Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want to touch you.”

A feral smile spread across her lips and he dropped his gaze to the ground, ashamed of himself, of his lack of willpower, but unwilling to take back the words he’d just spoken.

At that precise moment, she knew she had him; he was hers to do with as she wanted—whatever she wanted. Whatever she dared. The possibilities made butterflies erupt in her stomach and her pussy tingle. They straightened her back, added steel to her voice. The purr vanished and her words became sharp, crisp commands. Ferrin had given up any chance of wielding even the slightest bit of control in this situation.

“Then touch me peasant.”

If you would like to visit Rhonda’s site, please do so: http://www.midnyte.ca/
If you would like to purchase the book, please visit Eternal Press.


  1. Thank you for the lovely review of my novel. I’m glad to see you enjoyed The Duchess 🙂 I have another, shorter erotica piece I made into an e-book. Love Bytes is available for free download. If you liked The Duchess, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

    Thank you again. You rock, and your story about Baker made me cry.

  2. Rhonda, thank you for allowing me to read your work! Yes, the story of Baker is a very sad one. It’s one of my blog authors, Miriam. She’s a great lady and I was sorry for her loss.

  3. Ahh I failed to see that it wasn’t you who’d written that story. It was sad, it really did make me cry.

    Your review of The Duchess, however, inspired a decidedly different reaction, I assure you 🙂


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