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The Pen Review: The King’s Daughter


Welcome to the next edition of The Pen Review! 

Our next book on the list to read would be that of Miriam Newman’s The King’s Daughter. Why should you read this? Well because I said so! :Grins: Just Kidding! Lovers of historical fantasy will be awed and amazed by Miriam’s world building skills. Reading this I could experience every single emotion of the characters. The scene and dialogue were perfectly crafted so as not want to drop the book to do anything else. This enigmatic tale follows the saga of eighteen year old Princess Tarabenthia. Princess Tarabenthia is the favorite of her father, the King of Alcinia. All is going well for the inhabitants of Alcinia until Tarabenthia’s mother’s passing. Princess Tarabenthia’s world is then thrust into becoming the next queen until there is invasion by Alcina’s enemies, the Tumagis! What will happen to Tarabenthia? Who will she meet? What will be the fate of her kingdom? Well… you are going to have to pick up this book at DCL Publications’ website to find out! 

If you’d like more information on Miriam, please visit her website: www.miriamnewman.comTo buy the book, please visit : DCL Publications

In honor of this fantasy I am using stars instead of pen ratings! 

Rating : 5 Stars!



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