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We are super excited to be part of the book tour for

A new romance novel by Marina Martindale that promises to keep you reading from cover to cover!

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: August 31, 2016

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Rachel Bennett attended her ten-year high school reunion on a whim, but fate intervened once she saw Shane MacLeod. No longer the shy, gawky teenager she remembered, Shane has matured into a handsome and successful man, but her perfect evening ends when another man from her past suddenly reappears.

Craig Walker had been her mentor until he became jealous of her talent and success. Now he intends to either have her, or destroy her at all costs.

As Rachel’s family pressures her to take Craig to court, she can no longer ignore her nagging feeling that a tragedy is about to strike.

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Excerpt from The Stalker by Marina Martindale

Shane reached for his phone. He’d gotten a good look at the license plate on the red

pickup truck, and he prayed he was right; someone from California really had recently moved

into Rachel’s neighborhood, and all the truck sightings were simply a coincidence. Once he

arrived home, he put Lucy out and placed a call. To his relief, it didn’t go to voicemail.

“Northrup Investigations.”

“Lamar. It’s Shane.”

“Hey, Shane, how you doing? I sure hope you’re not calling to give me a hard time about

not coming to the class reunion. I really was in the middle of a case.”

Shane was intrigued. “So what was it? Some sort of cybercrime?”

“Well, sort of. Someone thought one of their employees might be embezzling funds, but he didn’t know who.”

“Well, at least it had something to do with numbers. I still can’t believe you ended up becoming a cop and then a private investigator. I always figured you’d be the next Steve Jobs.”

“Nah.” He heard a chuckle in Lamar’s voice. “One Steve Jobs was enough, and there’ll never be another one like him. Besides, I love this job. It’s much better than being a cop. Better pay, and a hell of a lot less stress.”

“I’ll bet.”

“And I’ve just started working with a community outreach program for African-

American youth.” Lamar’s voice pitched with excitement as he spoke. “And let me tell you,

those kids can really keep you on your toes, but it’s great to be a positive role model, and that’s what it’s all about.” His tone changed. “But something tells me that’s not the reason why you’re calling.”

“No, I’m afraid it isn’t.”

“I see. So what’s up?”

“It has to do with Rachel. Rachel Bennett. I saw her at the class reunion, and since that time we’ve become good friends. You may remember her. She took our math club photo for the senior yearbook.”

“Did she? Sorry, but it doesn’t ring a bell. I know the photo you’re speaking of. I just can’t recall who took it. So, what’s going on?”

Shane quickly got to the point. “A few years ago Rachel was working in Reno, and she befriended a co-worker who, unbeknownst to her, wanted to be more than just friends. Then she got a promotion that he felt she didn’t deserve, so he turned on her and started stalking her. Later on she took another job in Arizona, so he cyber stalked her, at least for a time. Then he turned up at the same hotel where we were having our class reunion, and as soon as he saw her, he called the cops. He made up some story about her harassing him.”

“I have to ask. Did she know he’d be staying at the same hotel?”

“No.” Shane’s voice was firm. “I saw her reaction when the sheriff’s deputy showed up.

She was genuinely scared, although she tried her best to hide it. Then, after she left, I went into

the bar and struck up a conversation with him. The guy is creepy as hell, Lamar. I can certainly

understand why she’d be afraid of him.”

“So what exactly did you say to him?”

“I gave him a phony name and told him I’d only met her that night, but it was obvious, by the things he said, that he’s a total control freak who has to have it his way or else.” A chill ran down Shane’s spine as he spoke. “Then he asked me if I was going to the alumni picnic the following day. Fortunately, Rachel and I had exchanged phone numbers, so I called her the next morning and took her to a movie instead. After that, we thought the guy was gone, but now I’m not so sure.”

“So what happened?”

“Earlier this evening, as we were leaving a restaurant, a red pickup truck drove past us in

the parking lot, and Rachel got upset as soon as she saw it. Apparently she’s been seeing it

around her neighborhood for the past few weeks. It has California plates, and since you’re in San

Diego, I was wondering if you could find out if the truck is registered to a man named Craig


“Do you have the license number?”

“I sure do.” He opened his notepad app and read it to Lamar.

“I’m at my computer, so let me see what I can do. You said Craig Walker, correct?”


Shane waited anxiously for Lamar to come back on the line.

“It’s a red Dodge Ram pickup, registered to a Craig Thomas Walker with a Sacramento


Shane’s blood turned to ice. “Damn. You’re sure about that?”

“Positive. It’s on the screen right in front of me.”


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About Marina Martindale

Marina Martindale Pic

Just like Gillian Matthews, the heroine in her debut romance novel, The Reunion, Marina Martindale began her career as a graphic designer and artist, and several of her paintings have been featured in juried art shows. Over time, however, she discovered writing was her true life’s passion.

“I love creating conflicted characters,” says Martindale. “I think they’re more like the people we meet in real life. I also like the complexity of romance. It’s an opportunity to delve deep into the human condition and try to understand what it is that motivates us to make the choices in life that we make.”

Martindale draws her inspiration from her own real life experiences, as well as those of the people around her. The stories, however, are fiction.

“The path to true love is never an easy one,” adds Martindale. “Some are haunted by people from their past. Others have been deceived or betrayed by the people they trusted the most. We all make bad choices, even though we usually don’t realize it at the time. My stories are about the unintended consequences of those bad choices, how the characters resolve them, and how they grow and become better people as a result.”

Marina Martindale resides in Tucson, Arizona. In her spare time she enjoys music, traveling, photography, and cooking.

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