TMS Health Solutions Is The Pioneer in Treating Unresponsive Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions Is The Pioneer in Treating Unresponsive Clinical Depression


How common do you think depression is? Research says that nearly 11% of the people worldwide had experienced at least a single depressive phase in their lives. Depression is often overlooked and never diagnosed by a clinician. Depression has also become such a generic word that is used casually in many contexts as well. However, depression that goes undiagnosed and uncured manifests itself as a greater evil and has a very negative impact on lives. What makes us depressed? What are the reasons behind depression?


Mental health and stress are very closely linked. Increase in stress levels often deteriorates one’s mental health and might cause depression. Sociologists have broken down the individual and group level variation in their mental health into three components—sources, mediators, and manifestations. The exposure to stressors and the individual’s access to resources for battling and coping with the stress can help in understanding the variation between mental health and stress among the individuals and groups. The most common sources of stress are the life events which cause a significant amount of emotional turmoil. Events like divorce, the death of a loved one or a family member and situations related to ongoing conditions in workplaces or other social settings act as sources of stress. Living in extreme poverty and economic hardship, being a widower and enduring the problems of daily life often come under the chronic strain or chronic stressors category. It is observed that chronic stressors have a more psychological impact in the long term when compared to life events.


Most of the researchers studying the impact of chronic strains or stressors and their impact have only focused on individual level chronic stress like socioeconomic status and household responsibilities. Research in the recent times has unveiled an interesting revelation. The researchers have found a link between the psychological wellbeing and the social settings and contexts. The environment of a person has a very high probability of stressing him/her out. These sorts of stressors are known as ambient strains; they significantly affect one’s mental health. The bottom line is that the mental health can vary from good to bad depending on the environment a person lives in. The employment conditions of a person have an enormous impact on their mental health. Employees suffering from depression in a company must be immediately diagnosed and treated. They are often affected by clinical depression among which 40% have treatment-resistant depression. Practices like TMS therapies can be of great help in such situations.


TMS Health Solution extensively deals with the treatment of mental health issues. They advocate the TMS therapy to battle clinical depression. Their methods to deal with patients who are unresponsive to medication are highly effective and are non-evasive in nature. Their innovative therapy has helped in transforming the people who’ve not responded to traditional therapies and antidepressants. Battling depression and making the work environment nurturing is very crucial. TMS therapy is an FDA approved highly effective and an innovative therapy that has been a champion in treating clinical depression; this method has helped many companies by treating their patients and helping them care for their employees.


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