What Does It Take To Create A Storyline That Has The Potential To Be Huge?

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When it comes to writing a book, naturally you want to ensure that your story has the best audience reach possible. You want to create a book with a storyline that wows your audience and many generations of readers to come.


You want to compete with the likes of Marvel graphic novels and the Harry Potter series, but being able to complete with such successful books is no easy task, which is why knowing what steps to take to create a storyline that has the potential to be huge is crucial.


Wondering how you can create the most incredible plot? Have a read of this essential guide to storyline inspiration that should help you to create a storyline that will have a huge impact on your audience and be highly successful in the long-term too.

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Be unique


When it comes to writing a story that has the potential to be huge, uniqueness is crucial. If you take the time to browse your local bookstore, you will see that a high majority of the books in there have rather similar plotlines.


If you want your book to make a huge impact you need to be unique, because that is what it takes to compete with the likes of J.K.Rowling and E.L.James. Their plotlines were interesting and unique, they offered angles that hadn’t been readily written about before. They have a pull to them because the stories are so interesting and have such a different and fresh voice.


Take Final Fantasy as another example, you can now play with your favorite characters in this new Final Fantasy mobile game, which was adapted from a graphic novel. What was it that made this book so successful? That’s the key – to work out what makes a book a success.


Keep it relatable


Although imagination is the key when it comes to creating a book that has the power to be hugely successful, it’s essential that you keep your novel hugely relatable. This doesn’t have to mean that it’s set on earth or that the main protagonist can’t have superpowers, it’s about finding little ways to make any story that you tell relatable. That’s the key to success.


People like to read books that they feel they can relate to because this makes the stories all the more interesting to read. That’s why, when it comes the storyline that you create, it’s essential that you make it relatable as this is what it takes to succeed in this industry.


When you choose to write a book, often you don’t realize how much actually does into it. There’s a lot that goes into writing a book – a lot more than a lot of people realize, which is why it’s so essential that you are aware of what steps you need to take to ensure that your book is a huge success. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to do that, but those are just a starting point – there’s a lot more that you need to be aware of and consider when it comes to writing a successful novel.

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