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Whisper in the Jungle

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James has been awarded a soccer scholarship to go to America and he becomes the envy of his village. His girlfriend is however skeptical of what a long distance relationship can do to love. But when Janny is kidnapped by unknown creatures, James plunges into the mysterious forest at the risk of his life and his American Dream to find Janny.


James straightened up and stared at the forbidden part of the forest. So many times they had been warned by the elders not to venture in this area. So many times they had obeyed, and the one time they hadn’t, Isaac had disappeared. He took a moment to adjust his mind. Heavy mist clang to the canopy of trees and the dense vegetation created an eerie ambience. A perpetual terror lay beyond the trees and he felt it in his every fiber. The trees beckoned him and the mist teased him. A thin line of perspiration streaked down his forehead as he grabbed a thick piece of wood from a nearby bush. He analyzed it, broke it into half and held it in his hand like a club. It wasn’t all that strong but it would have to do.
James walked cautiously towards the trees and when he arrived at the edge, stopped and took in a deep breath. One more step and he would do what nobody else in the village had ever done; pursue the creature of the forest by himself.
“Here we go,” he whispered, and then dashed into the spooky forest, towards Mt. Kenya.


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