Who’s Your Muse?

Wanna do something fun? Let’s share our MUSES! When I get stuck in a scene, there’s nothing like a good jolt of muse dreaming to get the juices flowing. Here are my muses.

In Love Fang & Fang Shui…

Gerard Butler is John
Martine McCutcheon (Natalie in “loveactually”) is Lauren
Alexander Skarsgard is Luciano
Katherine Heigl is Meredith

Come on…SHARE!


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  • Oh, Susan, clearly I’ve been spending too much time at this computer. I actually only see the characters I write! Is that bad? LOL!

  • Susan,

    Yes yes yes!

    In “Stranded”:
    Edward Norton is Will
    Michelle Monaghan is Rachel

    and in “Between the Lines” (released June 23rd):
    Orlando Bloom is Aaron
    Elizabeth Banks is Claire

    Also, good choice with Gerald Butler! *fans self*

  • Edward Norton? Absolutely! I adore his intensity. I may have to borrow him from you, Jasmine. LOL!

  • Feel free! I’ve now heartlessly cast him aside for Ryan Reynolds so he needs some attention!


  • Edward will be safe in my hands. Ryan Reynolds? He’s uber cute, but a bit too wholesome for me. I like the bad boys.

  • No, I didn’t see Blade 3, but it’s good to know he’s versatile. Did you see Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000? Not that I don’t love him anyway, but just his hair in that movie was to die for.

  • I haven’t seen it! I do like Gerald Butler though. If you haven’t seen Dear Frankie he is very good in that.

  • I like Gerard Butler too. Very good muse there. But, I've only had one real muse for the last eight years. I can't seem to shake him. He's a man, rustic, beautiful with an English accent (cockney). The muse really helps get the juices flowing. He's a character in my screenplay, but he helps with other scripts and writing in general.

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