Workshop: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Be Your Character’s Life Coach

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CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Be Your Character’s Life Coach

Instructor: Terrel Hoffman

Dates: June 9-27, 2014

Cost: $15 for YARWA members ($25 for non-members)


About the Course: How do you create complex, believable, memorable characters? How do you mine those unreachable hidden depths you know your characters possess? By knowing them from the inside out. And how do you do that? Become your characters’ life coach.

In this course, you can discover your characters’ deepest desires and greatest fears, their values and beliefs, their gifts, talents and passions and their internal saboteurs. You can map out their emotional journey from story beginning to story end, step by step, weaving their strengths and weaknesses around their story goals.
At the end of the course you can have a fully-developed character you know inside out and an emotional arc for that character that resolves their character growth and internal conflict.

Lessons will address:

Internal Saboteurs
Stories We Tell Ourselves (e.g., your character’s mythology)
Archetypes: Ego, Soul, Self,
Mapping the Character’s Inner Journey;
and resources for further learning.
About the Instructor: Formerly a technical writer working in the Silicon Valley, Terrel Hoffman returned home to the Pacific Northwest when she retired. She is an RWA PRO, writing both contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense and post-apocalyptic Victorian Steampunk romances. An International Coaching Federation (ICF)-trained life coach, Terrel believes in the power of coaching to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. She volunteers as a mentor to at-risk youth and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). She is a member of several regional RWA chapters and the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association (PNWA). She has served on the Emerald City Writer’s Conference (ECWC) committee for several years, first as ECO co-chair and currently as the ECWC 2012 workshops chair. Terrel holds a BS in Physics from San Jose State University. When she is at home, Terrel serves at the whim of two feline autocrats.


For any questions, please contact Lea Nolan, YARWA VP of Programs at vp-programs (at)YARWA (dot) com or YARWA’s Workshop Coordinator at workshops (at) yarwa (dot) com Interested in joining YARWA?

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