Workshop: SEX IN YA – Back by Popular Demand!

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Registration is now open for YARWA’s November online craft workshop, SEX IN YA with Heather Howland. This workshop is back by popular demand. It’s designed for published AND unpublished writers, and is aimed at addressing all levels of romance in YA from sweet to boundary-pushing spicy. Most importantly, this course will teach you how to write realistic and appropriate romance/love scenes for YAaudiences. YARWA members receive a 50 percent discount!

SEX IN YA – Back by Popular Demand!

Instructor: Heather Howland

Dates: November 12-16, 2012

Cost: $10 for YARWA members (non-member fee is $20)

To Register:

About the Class: You’ve done it. You’ve written a YA romance novel, and by Jove, it’s the greatest book ever. Your critique partners devoured every page and called five seconds later to squeal that it’s the sexiest book they’ve ever read. You’re ecstatic—New York Times Bestseller list, here you come!—but then two minutes later, you start worrying that maybe their response is a bad sign. That, maybe, if thirty-something-year-old women think that sex scene on page 203 is the hottest thing they’ve ever read, you’ve crossed a line.  Join Heather Howland, Managing Editor of Entangled Publishing and a Senior Editor at Entangled Teen, as she explores the varying levels of intimacy found  in today’s Young Adult market. Topics include staying true to the teen experience, building sexual tension, when to avoid evocative language, and using emotions—rather than mechanics—to make your scenes resonate.  As an added bonus, Heather will devote the final two days of class to discussing intimate scenes (kissing, sex, or otherwise) posted by class participants.

About the Instructor: As Managing Editor of Entangled Publishing and one of the company’s Senior Editors, Heather Howland plucks the brightest new voices from the slushpile, mentors Entangled’s editors and associate editors, and maintains her own list of more than twenty releases per year. In her spare time, she teaches authors the secrets of craft and voice, devours YA romance, and overanalyzes movies with her husband. She is firmly entrenched in the YA community as an editor and as an author, and holds a BS in creative writing and psychology.

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