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How to write SEO friendly blog posts?

Whether you blog for fun or for business, you certainly need one thing – traffic. Without traffic, your blog would be without life. Traffic therefore can be called as the lifeline of any blog, which you have made it over any of your chosen platforms. The main role of blogging (especially for business) is to get web traffic and to showcase your expertise in order to generate the leads for your business. However, one big question, which needs a satisfactory answer, how to seduce the robust and powerful algorithm so as to get a good traffic flow to your blog? At times, you feel neglecting these fickle robots, as these are very much demanding, but one thing, which can help you in this regard is to embark with SEO friendly blog posts. Well, let’s check how to write SEO friendly blog posts as under:

Research: One of the basic tips to remember for writing SEO friendly blog posts starts and goes long comes with research. Research the relevant keywords and key phrases so that you can include while developing posts for your blog. Secondly you need to know your audience as well, so make sure you learn as much about them as possible. Reach out to them in your posts. Also, research about the topics, which they like the most and this can be found out through their emails, likes and comments they pose below the posts of your blog.

Define your idea reader: While writing posts, always avoid addressing a crowd. You are not talking to any crowd or rush that is seen moving around any market place but set of people who are genuinely interested to be with you as your reader base. You need to define them first and then start writing for the same.

Empathize and energize your audience: One of the best paragraphs any blogger or author can come up with a content that can make his or her readers feel that they have the solution for their problems. At the same time make sure you do not just fizzle out your blog posts by including boring concluding paragraphs. The best way to end up is to inspire them so that they take necessary actions.

Use compelling headlines or titles: The titles you have in your blog posts should be compelling and eye catching. Make sure you write the click sparking kind of headlines or titles, which are powerful enough to attract people coming over your blog. Having catchy headlines can simply encourage sharing along inviting more people to read the content.

Optimize: One of the most important tip to write effective SEO friendly articles is to optimize the blog posts properly. Make sure you have the relevant and important keywords related to your niche area handy with you, which you can use in a most natural and smart way. Avoid too much of its usage as it can lead to problems like keyword stuffing, which can eventually hamper your rankings over the popular search engines.

Wrapping up

Writing SEO friendly blog posts is not a rocket science, however, you need to take care a couple of things to make them par. The above are some of the best tips, which can help you in writing good SEO friendly blog posts.


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Michael Dimitriou 06/15/2014 - 1:28 pm

The best advice is NOT to over-optimizing. I thing the articles must be for humans, not for search engines.


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