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Writing Workshops to Improve Your Craft…

August 2011 (4 weeks August 1st thru 29th)

All About POV (Point-of-View) Workshop

Instructor: Cindy Causey

Lessons Include:

1. What is POV
2. Different kinds of POV
3. Changing POV–when and how
4. Organizing scenes for POV before you write
5. Tips and pitfalls for conveying POV character’s actions, thoughts and characteristics
6. Tips and pitfalls for conveying non-POV character’s actions, thoughts and characteristics
7. Miscellaneous tips and tricks and anything we missed

Instructor Bio:

Cindy Causey taught herself to type in the 8th grade because it was so hard to write in her diary fast enough in longhand. A degree in advertising and a career as an advertising copywriter were the result. A fifteen year stint as a copy chief at JCPenney Catalog qualified her to become Content Development Manager for and finally Internet Marketing Manager.

After 20 years at JCPenney, Cindy retired in December ’07 and is now working full time with her husband Scott in their multi-media production company, Dallas Digital Studios. They specialize in live-event videotaping, audio production, website design and hosting, and computer repair and training.

In 1996, her non-fiction book, Cherish the Gift, a Congregational Guide to Earth Stewardship, was published by Judson Press. She still lectures to pastoral and lay groups on the issue of environmental stewardship.

Her two romance novels, A Different Drum and A Hot Time in Texas, were released by The Wild Rose Press in 2009. She is a frequent workshop leader on the craft of writing as well as online marketing for writers.

Cindy and Scott enjoy a blended family of four grown kids and make their home in Dallas, where they both grew up. Cindy spends her spare time juggling the needs of older children and aging parents. She would love to see the edges of the entire world from the deck of a cruise ship.




September 2011 (4 weeks September 1st thru 30th)

Edit Your Book In A Month

Instructor: Eliza Knight

Get your story edited and ready for submission in just thirty days!

This workshop presents tips on editing, most common mistakes made in manuscripts, what editors and judges are looking for and show you how to evaluate the following:

Overused/Weak words
Weak verbs
Use of the 5 senses
Tightening up those sentences
Hooks – beginning and ending
Show vs. Tell
Active vs. Passive
Goals, Motivation, Conflict
Story Development/Plot/Characterization/Setting
Inconsistencies (Ex. heroines eyes are blue in ch. 1 and brown in ch. 2)

With each new item presented, Eliza will show you how to use the information to edit your manuscript.

By the end of Edit Your Book in a Month, your WIP should be clean and ready for submission! The skills learned during this workshop can be used for your future manuscripts as well.

Instructor Bio:

Eliza Knight is the multi-published author of sizzling historical romance and erotic time-travel romance. Eliza is the owner of the award-winning blog, History Undressed and has published numerous articles on writing craft and history. She is a freelance non-fiction writer, freelance copy editor, professional critiquer (Majestic Critique Services), President of the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers signature chapter of the RWA and Contest Chair for Celtic Hearts and Hearts Through History. She presents workshops on history, researching techniques and writing craft, to various writing groups online. For more information on Eliza, please visit or




October 2011 (4 weeks October 3rd thru 31st)

Writing About Magic & Magicians

Instructor: Rayne Hall

Create believable magicians (good and evil), fictional spells which work, and plot complications when the magic goes wrong. Learn about high and low magic, witches and wizards, circle- casting and power-raising, initiation and training, tools and costumes, science and religion, conflicts and secrecy, and apply them to your novel. If you wish, you may submit a scene for critique by the instructor at the end of the course.

Instructor Bio:

Rayne Hall has published 22 books (under several pen-names, including non-fiction books about magic and ritual), seventy short stories (mostly fantasy, paranormal and horror) and thousands of articles (about magic, history, and many other topics). She has a College Degree in Publishing and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. A member of the Society of Authors (the British organsation for professional writers), she worked many years as magazine editor and creative writing teacher. Her knowledge of magic stems from historical research and years of practice. Two of her short stories received honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.



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