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Book Blitz: Designs on Forever

Modern Masters of Their Castle Book 2

Contemporary Romance

Published: September 2020


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As a model, Mallory Andrews’ good looks had worked for her for years,
but now she’s determined to prove she’s a talented historical
interior designer. To do that she must remain unwavering in her focus
regarding her current project, the restoration of a historical English manor
house turned hotel. The problem is, she keeps getting sidetracked by the
handsome and charming grandson of the owner.

Renowned hotel magnate and business consultant, Evan Townsend is retained
by the board of his estranged grandmother’s company to make
recommendations regarding the failing hotel that could put his grandmother
into bankruptcy. His first chore is to terminate the work Mallory is doing.
She launches a campaign to prove the changes she has made and others she has
planned will benefit his grandmother’s financial bottom line.
Evan’s mounting attraction to the beautiful and clever Mallory has him
reconsidering his stance on her present work, yet he remains resistant to
her requests not to sell the hotel so her work can continue. If only he
could be as unaffected by her kisses.

Both fear the other is using the sexual magnetism between them to get what
they want. Can Mallory and Evan design a way to break through the walls of
half-truths and what-ifs to build a lifetime of love?


Other Books in the Modern Masters of Their Castles Contemporary Romance

Cornerstone of Love

Modern Masters of Their Castles, Book 1

Release Date: March 17, 2020

Ian Chalmers’s dream life didn’t include becoming the Earl of
Hartley or the CEO of Hartley International Shipping, but he obediently
accepted the responsibilities when his father and older brother are killed.
Duty to the Hartley title and business reputation becomes his all-consuming
focus. Ian’s world revolves around unending work and doing
what’s expected of him. Then a nerve-wracking, albeit completely
fascinating, free-spirited female enters his structured life and turns it
upside down.

Allison Moore is the American constructional engineer hired to direct the
repairs on Hartley castle. Despite their instant attraction, Allison
doesn’t appreciate Ian’s high-handed control of everything in
his sphere of influence. Still she’s determined to placate the vexing
‘master of the castle’ in order to get the job done, bringing
her another step closer to achieving her life’s goal of having a home
of her own. Her strategy is complicated then frustrated when Ian’s
kisses prove so delicious her treacherous heart undermines her immunity to
his charm.

With the project almost complete and their sizzling interlude ending, Ian
and Allison must decide what they want most in life. Is it possible
they’ve each been laboring towards the wrong goals? Could what they
have with each other be the cornerstone of true love?







About the Author

 Susan Carlisle’s love affair with books began when she made a bad
grade in math in the sixth grade. Not allowed to watch TV until she brought
the grade up, Susan filled her time with books. She turned her love of
reading into a love of writing romance. Susan has currently authored more
than thirty books for the HarperCollins Harlequin medical imprint. Her
Modern Masters of Their Castles trilogy is under her own imprint. Her heroes
are strong, vibrant man and the women that challenge them.

In her past life Susan has been a full time mother to four children, a high
school substitute teacher and now when she isn’t writing she is busy
being a fun grandmother. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband
of over thirty-five years. Susan loves castles, traveling, sewing and reads
voraciously. Visit her at

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