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Book Blitz : Moose Ridge

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Marc Mullinex


Moose Ridge, Book 1 – Ending to Beginning


Inspirational Fiction / Women’s Fiction

Date Published: 08-02-2021

Publisher: Champagne Book Group


Faced with hardship and heartbreak, Jazmine finds solace and hope amidst
the hallowed halls of Harvard. Raised in a world of privilege that swiftly
crumbled beneath her feet, she emerged from the ashes as a foster child,
forever marked by the scars of her past. But fate has a way of weaving
unexpected blessings into the tapestry of our lives.

Embarking on a new chapter alongside Michael, a promising medical student,
Jazmine is finally poised to seize the idyllic future she has fought so hard
for. Leaving behind the familiar streets of Boston and New York, she
ventures into uncharted territory – the vast, untamed landscapes of Wyoming
– where Michael will complete his rigorous neurosurgical residency.
It’s a profound turning point, the culmination of Jazmine’s
unwavering dedication and boundless determination. For once, the universe
aligns with her dreams, assuring her that this time will be different.

But just as life teeters on the precipice of fulfillment, an unforeseen
letter shatters Jazmine’s newfound happiness, thrusting her into a
whirlwind of uncertainty. The fates conspire to test her strength once more,
as she grapples with overwhelming choices and unstoppable forces that
threaten to unravel all of her dreams.

“MOOSE RIDGE: ENDING TO BEGINNING” is a poignant tale of
resilience and the indomitable spirit of the human heart. It is a story that
will transport you from the towering spires of Harvard to the rugged plains
of Wyoming, and ultimately deep into the depths of emotion. Join Jazmine on
a transformative journey, as she learns that the true measure of triumph
lies not in the fairytale endings we crave, but in the unexpected beginnings
that arise from the ashes of our shattered dreams.


About the Author

Born in Muncie, IN, Craig is as typical middle-America as they come. He was
young when his parents divorced and his grandmother came to live with him,
his mother, and two sisters. Seeing his grandmother’s faith in God on
a regular basis led him to accept and know everything is okay, God’s
in charge.

Craig served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and followed this as a DoD
contractor where he had multiple tours overseas and around the U.S. While
there were events in his life that tested his faith in God, nothing compared
to when his first son was born with major medical issues. As a
twenty-one-year-old father with a young devastated wife, his faith had never
been tested more. After enduring several surgeries, some considered
experimental, his son passed away at six months and two weeks. But even in
his brief life, he had a tremendous impact on Craig and others.

Since then, God has blessed Craig with two more sons and has been a
constant guidance in his life. Craig’s time in the military and as a
contractor afterward included over 20 years overseas, where he was part of
local mission churches. On their last return to the states, God led him and
his wife to Oklahoma, where he teaches Bible studies and serves in a local

The memory of what God did to help him through his parent’s divorce,
his son’s illness and death, and many other events in his life, has
led him to want to share what impact God had and has with him.

Nowhere are we promised a life without tragedies, setbacks, problems, or
devastating events we have no control over, but God’s word does
promise, ‘It’s okay, God’s in charge.’


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