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Book review: Far and Away Anthology by: Heather Kuehl

Title: Far and Away Anthology
Author: Heather Kuehl
Author Website: Heather Kuehl
Genre: Satire, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Science Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Smashwords Inc.
Price: $1.99
Link to purchase

What I liked: “Don’t hurt me!” she begged (The Magic Word)

The knife gleamed as I shoved it through the tough outer skin,… (Pumpkin Carving)

The cops would have caught their serial killer… (Observant)

One of the greatest challenges a writer faces is using as few words as possible to make a point, evoke an emotion, or even to tell a story. Flash fiction and poetry are among the most difficult ways to achieve effective writing, yet can also be the most rewarding. In this era of media sound bytes and 140 character Tweets, readers welcome a brief respite from their daily lives when there is not always time to devote to a traditional read.

Heather Kuehl, author of the Sarah Vargas Series, presents her refreshing twist on flash fiction and poetry in her wickedly satirical Far and Away Anthology. Known for her kick-ass smart characters and snappy writing, Kuehl shares some of her best shorties that present the bizarre, the fantastical, and the outrageous in a collection designed to stimulate the imagination and challenge the expected.

Presenting some past successes along with ten fresh new offerings, Kuehl delivers brief mini-escapes that in just a few words provoke the senses with a cranial workout. Perfect for momentary jolts in between the daily moments of drudgery, Far and Away is loaded with slices of life that sting with humor and linger in memory.

Book blurb: Filled with over 30 previously published poems and flash fiction pieces and 10 works that have never seen the light of day, Far and Away takes readers into a world of possibilities. Join a bride on her wedding day where all isn’t as happy as it seems. See life through the eyes of a beloved pet as he tries to make the great escape. What is hiding in the dark? Includes award winners such as “Miscommunication” and “Beauty is the Beast.” Far and Away is an anthology for readers on the go.

Book excerpt: SIREN’S SONG
crashing ocean waves
siren’s song coaxes them in
to end her loneliness

reviewed by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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