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Children’s Fiction

Date Published: Sep 22, 2023

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


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Mom Wombat says, “Make friends, not war!”

“Try to get along and don’t keep score… It doesn’t matter who
has more toys, just have fun, my girls and boys. Don’t YOU be a bully,
not even now and then, not even to a foe or friend.”

Known as Mombat to her kids, she has plenty of ideas on how everyone can
learn to get along with others and have fun. Using her wit and insightful
wisdom, Mombat aims to make the world a better place by teaching positive
communication skills and the importance of friendship.

About the Author

Phyllis Schwartz is a married mother of two, who, after a highly successful
career in the TV news business, finally has the time to indulge in and focus
on her “civilian” writing. Even as a kid, she kept a diary and
wrote little stories and poems, a creative release that continued well into

She wrote news by day and poetry by night. And despite battling three
different types of cancer over more than three decades, she is still filled
with energy, joy, and optimism, and she looks forward to writing much more
poetry and children’s books in the future. Her writing often centers
on what she observes daily: including her friends, husband, and two
children, as well as her garden and her beautiful beach town residence in
dreamyEncinitas, all providing continued inspiration for her verse.


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