Review: A Date with Mr. Wonderful by Lynn LaFleur

A Date with Mr. Wonderful
Second book in the Lavender Lace Series
By Lynn LaFleur

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Quickie

Price: $4.45 (available as an e-book only) ISBN: 978-1-41992-635-8

Release: January 2010

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked:
This was an interesting book. It was a nice, quick read with a lot of sexy scenes. The lingerie store (owned by a Celtic goddess and her god lover) has been in a previous story of LaFleur’s, and I do generally enjoy series with repeating characters. I would prefer that the characters were part of the love story. But it’s very creative. I enjoyed the story, in general. I did appreciate that it was a contemporary setting, and one that I recognized (Seattle, WA). I thought the sex scenes were well-written and the characters were as well-developed as they could be in 90+ pages. So, all in all, a good read. If you’re really into lingerie, I would highly recommend this book. The lingerie played almost as important a role as anything else in the book. 🙂

Book Blurb

A shopping spree at Lavender Lace, a lingerie store owned by Celtic goddess Ashlyn, thrills Twyla Gardiner, who has trouble finding sexy lingerie to fit her tall, voluptuous body. But who will get to appreciate that lacy red bra and risqué thong? Twyla’s friends seem determined to set her up with new men every week. When her best friend arranges yet another blind date with a man she swears is Mr. Wonderful, Twyla decides she can’t go through another disappointment. She escapes to a favorite hideaway spa. Daniel LaFevers is new in the Seattle area and hasn’t had the chance to meet many women. One look at the voluptuous raven-haired beauty sitting in the bar of the locals’ favorite hideaway and Daniel knows he has to get to know her better. When Twyla invites Daniel to her room for an evening of unforgettable passion, will this be another in a long line of disappointments, or a date with Mr. Wonderful?

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