3 Things You Should Expect as a Freelance Content Writer

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3 Things You Should Expect as a Freelance Content Writer

Freelance writing is an excellent job if you are lucky enough to find a full-time gig or numerous gigs that can make up your hours and the work is generally something you are good at and consistently enjoy. That being said, a certain level of motivation is required since you are technically your own boss and responsible for yourself.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran writer, there are some things that you will definitely have to face every now and then. Most web-based freelance writing jobs are centered around blogs or online content and because of this, the topics covered are varied and numerous.

You will face many challenges as a freelance writer but some of the most common include:

  • Topics You Know Nothing About
  • Rewriting or Editing Your Articles
  • Writer’s Block

Writing about things you have no knowledge of is difficult and can be deflating but there are some tricks you can learn while having to rewrite or edit your articles should be viewed as a part of the process and every writer that has ever put pen to paper or digit to key has had writer’s block at some point.

Topics You Know Nothing About

One of the most challenging aspects of freelance writing is having to write about something you either don’t know about or have no interest in. This can make the writing process tedious, boring, and technically difficult depending on the project. You will find that every day is different and while you might have good days where the topics are entertaining, there are those days that seem to never end.

Today you could be writing about your favorite video games from the 90s while tomorrow you are briefed on developing a landing page for a car accident lawyers firm in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s reasonable to assume that as a freelance writer you don’t have a law degree. To combat this, it is vital that you carefully read all information given to you and do some background research on the company and topic, and also have a look at other similar businesses.

Rewriting or Editing Your Articles

From time to time, the client will ask for edits or re-writes of your work, and while clients are sometimes difficult, for the most part they just want content that fits within their own narrative of what they are looking to achieve, which is sometimes misaligned with your own. This usually isn’t anyone’s mistake as you will sometimes be relayed minimal information about what a client is looking for and you need to use your own judgment.

At first, being asked to edit or rewrite your work might feel like a slap in the face, but with time you will realize that it is just part of the process of getting content to a place where all parties are satisfied. In most cases, edits are minor and adjustments can be made in a matter of minutes as complete rewrites of an article or section therein are the exception rather than the rule.

Writer’s Block

Everyone has a bad day, and writers are no different. However, having a bad day as a writer can mean the difference between getting paid or not or tarnishing your professional reputation, for there is nothing more terrifying than the blank word document and the blinking cursor as you try to begin typing your project. Usually, this is the first ten minutes of a Monday morning, but occasionally, you may succumb to the dreaded writer’s block.

While writer’s block has many myths associated with it, it can be an especially demoralizing condition for creative writers. However, some psychologists believe that the condition isn’t real, yet rather a symptom of something else such as motivation issues. It is usually temporary and for freelance content writers, a small break or assessment is normally all that is needed before returning to writing.  


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