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Best VR Headsets for Online Gaming

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Denise Alicea

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Best VR Headsets for Online Gaming


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Virtual reality (VR) has gone through some major ups and downs over the last year or so. There was a time when VR seemed to be relegated to science fiction movies and the gaming industry. But now, virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Samsung Gear VR are finally starting to hit mainstream audiences.

While VR is slowly taking off across different industries, the experience can be improved by using dedicated VR headsets. If you want to try out these amazing new technologies for your gambling online , check out our top picks below.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System

The official name of this headset comes in at around $1,300. That may seem like a lot, but it actually includes everything that’s necessary for a fully immersive VR experience. With plenty of room for comfort while playing an action-packed game, this full-featured system will definitely keep players entertained if they have the budget for it. This all-in-one unit will allow you to connect with up to four friends, although having one person playing only makes things easier. 

Oculus Quest VR Headset

Similar to Google Daydream, the Oculus Quest VR headset is meant to bridge the gap between phone-based virtual reality and true PC based VR. It’s designed to work on any desktop computer, but also comes preloaded with apps for games and other entertainment. Like most other VR devices, it offers users full freedom of movement. Whether you choose to play racing games, fantasy roleplaying, or other types of games, the Oculus Quest VR system provides access to many. 

Valve Index VR Kit

This affordable virtual reality headset works well with both Windows and macOS operating systems. When paired with a compatible device, such as a Steam Machine, this kit delivers an incredible VR experience without breaking the bank. The Valve Index features two lenses, each made from glass and coated with a special anti-reflective coating to provide crisp images. Its lightweight design is comfortable to wear while playing games on brand new casino sites, even for extended periods. It’s possible to adjust how much peripheral vision you see, which helps make sure the focus stays where it should. 




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