Book Blitz : False Haven

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Marc Mullinex


Young Adult Horror

Date Published: 02-13-2024

Publisher: Hellebore House


Seventeen-year-old Vivienne Barston’s life has fallen apart.

With her mother recently dead, her father disappears into his grief –
leaving Viv to deal with her sadness and anger alone. Viv turns to
destructive behaviors like petty vandalism, but after a disturbing stint in
a juvenile detention center frightens her, Viv agrees to a court mandated
service opportunity designed to expunge her record. The deal: work for six
weeks with a trail conservation crew in the rural woods of southern Oregon,
and she’ll be free with a clean slate.

She knows it’s her last chance to fix her life.

When Viv arrives at the small town of Hard Luck, Oregon, she meets her
motley crewmates, all with troubles of their own. The unusual group travels
to Grafton Stake, a remote and derelict former asylum with a haunted
history–and now Viv must face the ghosts of the past while fighting
for her future.

About the Author

Rebecca Rook is a hard of hearing person who designs tabletop games,
manages a little free library dedicated to sequential art and comics, and
lives in the Pacific Northwest with two wonderful dogs. The author of The
Penance of Valentine Cash, she writes young adult fiction in the fantasy,
thriller, and horror genres.

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